Rigid Fresnel Prisms

PAI has produced precision molded Fresnel prisms specifically designed for ophthalmic applications. They minimize undesirable features such as multiple images, image washouts and scattering. They are available in powers 10PD to 40PD. In addition, 57PD prisms are also available.

We have designed and supplied critical components of Peli Lens for Hemianopia. This device is designed to improve the lives of hemianopic patients by expanding their visual field. The device is currently made and sold by Chadwick Optical Inc. (www.chadwickoptical.com) and is currently being used in the US and also many other countries including Canada, Britain and Belgium.

We also offer high optical quality rigid Fresnel prisms in a wide range of prism powers from 10PD to 57PD. These prisms provide much better optical quality than Press-on prisms and can be taken off easily when needed. These prisms can be used in the form of clip-ons or flip-up style clip-ons and used with Rx glasses (attach pictures). For ordering clip-on prisms or for more information, please contact us.