Energy Conservation

Whether you are an individual or an organization concerned about the environment and global warming, or just want to reduce your high heating and cooling bills, we have practical and inexpensive products for you to choose from. They are easy to install yourself, won't wreak havoc on your decor, and can be used to make your home and/or business more comfortable.

These look beautiful and save energy. They are solar reflecting, so they will keep you cool in summer. They let in light and air. They will also reflect heat back into your home in winter to keep you warm.

(Image credit: Janet O'Dowd)

These reflective curtain liners hide behind your drapes and do the job of reflecting heat back into your home in winter. You don't see the liners unless you want to. Keep your home cooler in summer.

Convert ordinary roll-up shades into reflective ones to conserve energy. They operate and can be made to look similar to standard shades. Can be used in residential or commercial buildings.

Interested in using these for your business? See our partnership program.