Vision Correction

Ophthalmic prisms are used for correcting many ocular conditions such as strabismus, diplopia (double vision), hemianopia and visual spatial neglect.

For prism powers of more than 12PD, flexible membrane press-on Fresnel prisms are commonly used but they offer poor optical quality for prism powers of 15PD or more1.

Paltz Associates, Inc. offers practical alternatives to press-on Fresnel prisms with better optical quality.

For low prism powers:

An alternative to Fresnel press-on prisms. Precision molded to reduce multiple images, image washout and scattering.

Available in:

10 - 40 PD, 57 PD

For high prism powers:

Corrects for factors that introduce aberrations in high power prisms. Improves optical quality and contrast sensitivity.

Available in:

25 PD or greater.

Rigid Fresnel Prisms and ComPrisms® are available in the following forms:



Prism Training Goggles

Trial Lenses

For diagnostic purposes.

Clip on to matching spectacle frame.

Clip on to spectacles; flip up when not needed.

Used for vision training.

Ref 1. - Cheng D., Woo GC, Wu, Ophthalm. Physiol. Opt. 2001, 21, 312-6