FAQ's about Energy Efficient Shimmering Delight Curtains:

1. Why use Shimmering Delight curtains?

Shimmering Delight curtains look pretty and help to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, thereby reducing heat and electric bills.

2. How do Shimmering Delight curtains help in summer months?

They reflect out not only sunlight but also heat (infra-red waves). Cutting down both prevents your home from getting hot in the first place.

3. What about vinyl roll-up shades to keep sunlight and heat out?

Vinyl shades cut out sunlight almost completely which makes the home dark forcing you to use artificial light during the day. They also prevent air flow.

4. Don't the standard sheer curtains do the same job as Shimmering Delight?

No, sheer curtains do cut out some sunlight but they are not effective against heat and they do not reflect out much of either.

5. I have air conditioning. Will Shimmering Delight curtains be useful?

Yes. These curtains will significantly reduce sunlight and heat from entering so your AC does not have to work as much.

6. How do Shimmering Delight curtains help in winter?

These curtains are reflective on both sides so in winter they reflect the indoor heat back into the home. For more effective heat retention see our reflective curtain liners.

7. How does one clean Shimmering Delight curtains?

They can be hand washed in mild detergent and line dried or dry cleaned. Use warm iron if needed.

8. Are Shimmering Delight curtains flame retardant?

No, they are not. For application requiring flame retardant material, check our reflective shades.