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Vision Correction

Ophthalmic prisms are used for correcting many ocular conditions such as strabismusdiplopia (double vision)hemianopia and visual spatial neglect.

For prism powers of more than 12PD, flexible membrane press-on Fresnel prisms  are commonly used but they offer poor optical quality for prism powers of 15PD or more1.

Paltz Associates, Inc. offers practical alternatives to press-on Fresnel prisms with better optical quality.


Rigid Fresnel Prisms


For low prism powers: 
An alternative to Fresnel press-on prisms. Precision molded to reduce multiple images, image washout and scattering.

Available in: 
10 - 40 PD, 57 PD

For high prism powers: 
Corrects for factors that introduce aberrations in high power prisms. Improves optical quality and contrast sensitivity.

Available in: 
25 PD or greater.

Rigid Fresnel Prisms and ComPrisms® are available in the following forms:

Clip-Ons Flip-Ups Prism Training Goggles Trial Lenses

Clip on to matching spectacle frame.

Clip on to spectacles; flip up when not needed.

Used for vision training.
For diagnostic purposes. 

Ref 1. - Cheng D., Woo GC, Wu, Ophthalm. Physiol. Opt. 2001, 21, 312-6