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Reflective Shades

Convert standard roll up shades into reflective shades for keeping your home or business place warmer during winter & cooler during summer.  

How to convert?

Attach our specially designed reflective sheet and a cover sheet (if desired) to standard shades using our double sided adhesive tape. 

can be safely used in homes, offices, commercial buildings, churches, dorms, schools and kitchens. They... 
  • operate just like standard shades (spring or corded)
  • are made of fire retardant material
  • can be turned around to reflect heat in summer.
  • Secure with a small magnet to reduce convection heat loss.
  • look like standard shades (if used with a cover sheet). 
  • can be wiped clean.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to use any unknown reflective material to convert your shades to reflective shades.  Most reflective materials are highly flammable and are a serious fire hazard.